Apr 15 – Sep 26: Chance and Cadence: Susan Firestone – Paintings 1983

Art is frequently defined as an expression of feelings, emotion in visual form. A quick read of the artist’s statement of Susan Firestone, whose paintings and graphite works are presently on view at the Atrium at Harris Place, in New London Connecticut, does indeed find the artist waxing sentimental about time, place and fond memories. However, to view Firestone’s work strictly in terms of generic emotion ignores the reality of its rich visual complexity. These large paintings and more modestly sized graphite works adeptly straddle a fine line between objective and non-objective abstraction.

Firestone is both an Artist and Art Therapist, and a recent conversation with her yielded an interesting observation concerning art in general and her art in particular. Firestone refers to art possessed of certain qualities that have particular appeal to other artists. It is seen in the trail of marks revealing the process and search, the tension between positive and negative space. It is expressed in vaguely recognized yet not exhaustively rendered forms, patterns that stop just short of becoming overtly decorative as well as a tenuously balanced symmetry.

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