Gallery 106:  WINTER SALON, 2017-18
Annual Gallery Artist Exhibition
Reception: 5 pm, Dec 16
On View:  Dec 16 to Feb 28

The work of Jacob Cullers
Reception: 5 pm, Sep 9
On View:  Aug 25 to Oct 7

Jacob Cullers, American Voodoo

Gallery 106:  IROKO, Home of the Gods
Imna Arroyo
April 22 – July 15IROKO Installation-Smallerjpg
Apr 22 – Jul 15, 2017
A collaborative multidisciplinary multimedia installation led by Imna Arroyo.  The exhibit features, IROKO, Tree of Life, film by Arroyo, Tao Chen and Jaime Gomez.

The Veiled Experience
Apr 16 – Jul 17, 2016

Apr 16 – Jul 17, 2016
The Veiled Experience:
Symbolism in Contemporary Cuban Art
Ibrahim Miranda  and Aliosky Garcia Sosa


Gallery 106: Unfinished Task – Women in Abstract
Xanda McCagg, Lynda Schlossberg, Brenda van der Beek
Jul 18  –  Sep 26, 2015


Gail Gelburd
Reception: 5 pm, Oct 21
On View:  Oct 21 to Feb 28 (Extended)


Gabriela Gamboa
Reception: 5 pm, Sep 9
On View:  Aug 25 to Oct 7

17 x 22" Manipulated digital photography 2016 $1,800


Gallery 101:  THRESHOLD
Installation by Mark Gerard McKee and Poetry by Celia de Fréine
March 15 to June 30, 2017
An interdisciplinary creative collaboration that explores the material and philosophical phenomena of the door through the mediums of visual art by Connecticut artist Mark Gerard McKee and compositions by Irish poet Celia de Fréine.  Threshold marks the launching of the folio and forthcoming book publication. Space 101.


Gallery 106: Full Circle:  Graffiti
Oct 10  –  Dec 12, 2016

Oct 10  –  Dec 12, 2016
Full Circle:  Graffiti
Percy Fortini-Wright, Cedric Douglas, Sean Flood,
Jamie O’Neill and Joel Lewis


Gallery 106:  THE TAKEAWAY
January 31 – April 15
carmengloriamorales Image:     Carmengloria Morales
To abstract …to distill down to key elements”.  The Takeaway is  an exhibit of second generation abstract expressionism and assertion of the ongoing significance of that school.

Atrium at Harris Place: UNBOUND PRESENCE
Public Art Installation by Gail Gelburd
On view through August 2018


Public Art Projects:  MS17 partners with Hygienic Art, Inc. in public project initiatives for the City of New London

New London Storefronts Summer 2017:  North side of State State Street between Union and Garde Arts Center.
Temporary Public Art Installation
View Storefronts

Atrium:   Engaging Space / Liriodendrum
through April 15, 2017

Temporary Public Art Installation
Atrium Temporary Public Art Space

Gallery 101:  Laws of Attraction –Oct  2015 – Jun 2017


Gallery 106:  Ibrahim Miranda, Paintings  – Aug 18– Sep 18, 2016


Gallery 106.  This is the MS17 Art Project art space. The gallery showcases challenging thought provoking national and international contemporary art. The artists who exhibit work in a broad array of mediums and disciplines and explore subject matter equally wide-ranging.

Gallery 101. The Harris Place Gallery y is dedicated to rotating works of art from significant American and European Artists.

The Atrium Temporary Public Art initiative.  The Atrium space serves as the backdrop for temporary public art installations that last six months to one year. Artists and projects are proposed by arts professionals and curators worldwide.

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