Gail Gelburd

Represented by MS17 Art Project

Art can reveal the soul of a place, be it external or internal. It can breathe life into sorrow or joy and create a dialogue about an issue in an inspiring way. My art seeks to capture the unique qualities of a place and yet the Universality of its sentiment. Images are often clearly visible and yet hidden as they unveil the power and wrath of the sublime. As mere mortals we search for a space, a moment when we can find a sense of calm in a world that sometimes seems to have gone mad. Out of the debris, a single lotus can emerge, or a breath can bring us back to a place where we can find peace and calm. As a writer about art and someone who creates art, my works cross the boundaries of disciplines and philosophies. Interested in the intersection of social issues, and spirituality I want my work to remind us of the power and majesty of nature and inspire us to protect it. When the human form realizes that it has a symbiotic relationship with the river, the sea, the trees and the mountain, we can begin to accept the precious majesty of our environment, and become one with it. All of my projects look to the sacred shrines or places that people turn to when there are no answers, and to find solace in a contemplative form or the environment, amidst the turmoil of daily life.

Biographical Sketch:

Gail Gelburd is a critic, curator, and artist as well as a Professor in the Art Department at Eastern Connecticut State University. Dr. Gelburd has curated more than 20 exhibitions in 8 countries, and 20 states in the US. These exhibitions focus on issues of race, poverty and the environment. She has lectured and published in India, Japan, Cuba, Korea, South Africa and Australia as well as major museums such as the Brooklyn Museum, LA County Museum and the Whitney Museum in NYC. Her own art work has been shown in museums in the United States and numerous galleries. This past year her work was chosen for an exhibition in Brooklyn on New Photography by the assistant curator of the Museum of Modern Art photography department. Other recent exhibitions include shows in Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Goa India. Her work has also been featured in Aedra Fine Arts on-line catalog, and Studio Visit magazine and has been selected by Vida designs. She is in collections in New York, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Goa India. She uses glicee archival photography with a wide range of mixed media creating 2D and 3D work. Her work defies categorization as it merges with painting, encaustics and sculptural forms to enliven and define a space. She has also created a major series on the aftermath of the Japanese Tsunami, Super storm Sandy and the Gorkha Earthquake of Nepal.

Represented by MS17 Art Project