Gabriela Gamboa

Gabriela Gamboa was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,  to a Venezuelan father and an Italian-American mother. Though Gabriela has lived in Venezuela most of her adult life, her childhood and adolescence was greatly spent in transit between countries and cultures, living in Ciudad Guayana, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France and various parts of the United States.

Given the constant moving, Gabriela became not only interested in language itself but in the physicality of communication, eventually weaving it into her work in performative art, using her own body as a point of origin. She has also developed a language of her own to accompany her videos.

After obtaining her Bachelors in Art and Design from the University of Chicago, Gabriela earned a living as a still photographer and producer for films, both documentary and fiction. She also went on to earn her Masters of Fine Arts at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. 

It was during her extensive travel with film crews that Gabriela began exploring her knowledge of languages in combination with her visual aesthetic, and developed her experimentations in performance, video, multimedia installations and photography.

During the eighties and nineties she worked in collaborative creative undertakings with  Polyburo and Musikautomátika, both experimental multimedia endeavors, and began her teaching career, creating -alongside Stefano Gramitto, Sandra Pinardi and Antonieta Sosa – the video department for the nascent Instituto Superior de Artes Armando Reverón in Venezuela.

She is currently a professor at the Centro de Estudios Fotográficos and shares her time between her studio in Caracas and being a visiting artist and lecturer in other parts of the world.

Gabriela has received a number of awards and residencies, including the Juan Lovera Prize at the Michelena Bienale 2002.

Gabriela has always held Venezuela as home.

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17 x 22" Manipulated digital photography 2016 $1,800

17 x 22″
Manipulated digital photography