Andres Chaparro

“I work without premeditation simply following the path that each painting sets forth for me.  Through my artwork I strive to create an example of ideas that reflect my desire to raise social consciousness while celebrating and giving homage to jazz icons as well as jazz contemporaries.  Jazz music serves as the catalyst to all my artwork which possesses a strong improvisational quality.  

I use acrylic, oil sticks, enamel paint, spray paint, pencil, marker, collage, and found items in much of my work.  My art brings music from a sonic realm into a physical form on canvas.”      Andres Chaparro, 2017

Andres Chaparro is a mixed media painter and collagist whose bold and expressive art is a visual representation of jazz music.  In 2017 Chaparro’ art was published in “Making The Cut, Volume 1, The World’s Best Collage Artists” by Crooks Press in Australia.  As his work continues to rise in recognition and garnered by art and music enthusiast around the globe, Andres continues to refine his own visual vocabulary through his focus on the intersection between art and music.

As early as he can remember, music and art have been an important part of his life.  At the age of 13, Andres was introduced to jazz music which he made an instant spiritual connection.  This was a defining moment in his life as an artist.  While in high school he would make frequent visits to the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum, which opened the world of visual art for him.   He always had an affinity for drawing, but it was the museum visits that made him fall in love with art.

In the late 1980′s Andres began painting on canvas, while completing his studies in New York City.  He explored jazz as an enthusiast and visited SoHo art galleries and other major museums during this time.  Chaparro early paintings explored different mediums and subject matters; but he was always drawn back to Jazz inspired work.

Andres’ paints out of his Windsor, CT studio, his mix media paintings incorporate collage, oil sticks, marker, crayon, pencil, acrylic, spray paint and found objects.  His artwork is fluid and free, and the paintings reflect more concern for spontaneous emotion rather than traditional conventions, strong color contrast, and distorted subject matter.  His paintings as well as collages can be found in a myriad of permanent public and private art collections nationally and internationally.